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Waves of Feminism:

Women Who Persisted


Beyond the Mural

This outdoor exhibit is a visual representation of the 3 different waves of feminism and the notable leaders in each era.

U.S. women began demanding rights as early as the 1780s – right after the American Revolution – to get an education, fair wages, and to become professionals.

Yet three distinct waves of activist movements resulted in many of your rights today.

We reveal women you may – or may not – know who worked tirelessly for opportunities and freedoms of diverse women over the three waves.

This public art installation is made possible by a generous grant from the NTC Foundation, the contributions of curator, Dr. Sue Gonda, Professor of History – Grossmont College and San Diego artist Katie Ruiz (, whose creativity brought these murals and the women of each wave of feminism to life.

The 4th Wave

If we are embarking on a fourth wave of feminism, today’s feminists stress personal freedom as much as they do equality – a world that makes room for each person’s individuality and their differences. But, the essential principles of feminism are everlasting: men and women should be social, political, and economic equals. There is much more work to be done to achieve these goals. Feminism remains a vibrant part of our culture. Young women and men see themselves as feminists in strong numbers. Yet, feminism looks different than in earlier generations.


What is YOUR vision for the 4th Wave of Feminism?

What do YOU want to see achieved?


Click the button below to share your thoughts and we will post your comments on our outdoor exhibit over the coming months.

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